Proposed Sunshine Resolution

for the Winneshiek County Fair Board




WHEREAS many states in the United States, including Iowa, recently have broadened and strengthened their “sunshine laws” to encourage entities receiving tax monies and public funding to conduct their operations with greater transparency, and



WHEREAS it is the right of every citizen to expect and to know that the public monies and donations they provide to governmental and quasi-governmental bodies and to publicly-supported non-profit organizations are utilized with integrity and transparency, and



WHEREAS the Winneshiek County Fair Board activities must remain publicly-supported in order to satisfy U.S. Internal Revenue Service requirements for 501(c)(3) classification of non-profit corporations, and



WHEREAS the seminal Winneshiek County Fair Board activities could not continue to exist without the public support and the trust and good faith shown in donations of time, materials, and money by hundreds of volunteers,




NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Winneshiek County Fair Board pledges to comply with both the letter and the spirit of Iowa’s “sunshine laws” in order to assure that it maintains the trust and confidence of its public supporters that all operations will be conducted with transparent accountability and integrity.



proposed January, 2014

passage: not yet

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